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Every disciple,
in every place,
for every good work.

Upcoming Events

  • Emotionally Focused: Foundations
    Jun 02, 8:30 AM – Jun 03, 5:30 PM
    Delaware, 32 Troy Rd, Delaware, OH 43015, USA
    Emotionally Focused is a two-day intensive that invites each person into a life on mission with God—to join Him in the work of reconciliation and restoration in all areas of life! Participants become aware of patterns in their lives that block them from living a missional life and provides an opport


Go deeper and find your people. We can’t wait to meet you!

About us.

DelCo Alliance is a community of people who desires to empower every disciple, in every place they go to do every good work the Lord has set before them. We hope to give the 50+ thousand in Delaware a repeated opportunity to respond positively to the good news of the kingdom! 



Whether you’re giving to the poor, volunteering in your community or simply taking time to listen to someone who needs an ear generosity comes back to you everytime. At DelCo Alliance we have a huge heart to reflect God to your community. Will you join us?


Join us on Sunday!

Join us for our Sunday gathering!
We meet regularly on Sunday mornings at 10am to talk about church vision, worship the Lord through testimony and prayer, discuss God's Word, and celebrate his work in our lives. We do currently have a dedicated time and space for children's ministry as well!

Our address is:

Press Outreach Center

425 S Sandusky St #3,

Delaware, OH 43015

Contact Us

Press Outreach Center

425 S. Sandusky St. #3,

Delaware, OH 43015


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