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Welcome to DelCo Alliance Church!

Service Time: 10 AM

425 South Sandusky St. #3

Delaware, OH 43015

What to Expect on a Sunday

To be welcomed.

Whether you have been here for a long time or today is your first time, we hope that the Sunday Gathering is a place where you can feel a part of the family and welcomed into the larger mission that God has gives us. We will be celebrating where we have seen God at work this past week and will look forward with expectation to what God will do next week.


To connect.

We believe community happens around tables. During this portion of the gathering we will take time at our tables to share something we are grateful for and/or where we have seen God at work in our lives. We want to be a community that shares with everyone how we see God at work in our lives!

To be challenged by a diversity of voices.

Once you have been here a few weeks you will notice that we have a team of teachers. We believe it is important for the family of God to be equipped by scripture and formed through a variety of giftings and voices.

To practice.

After hearing God’s Word, we want to create space for the Holy Spirit to speak to us and consider what we ought to carry with us into the coming week. We take 5-10 mins to sit quietly and reflect in prayer.

To eat!

Please join us for lunch! We believe that through the work of Jesus Christ God has created a new family! As that family we regularly eat together after church (except holiday weekends: we encourage everyone to be with their extended families and friends).

What about my kids?

We provide supplemental support to our parents through our Sunday Kids Ministry Time. This occurs during the sermon of our Sunday Gatherings. We love having children with us during our service. We provide parents the option to keep their children with them in service or send them to kids church during our teaching time.

Currently we have two different kids rooms:

1-5 year olds go with 2 background checked volunteers to one room​ & 6-11 year olds go with 1 background checked volunteer to another room

Let us know you're coming!

DelCo Alliance Church

425 S. Sandusky St. #3

Delaware, OH 43015


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